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August 4th -20th 2022

August 4th we are packed and ready to go...


August 5th was the technical rehearsal and was very stressful due to the 90 minute time slot. 


August 6th on our opening day at the Fringe an article was published in a national newspaper about our production. This article was featured on page 3 of The Observer. The headline was EXTREMELY exciting to read.


The opening show was followed by a celebratory drink.


Some audience responses start to filter back to us via Twitter...


We were delighted to receive a 4 STAR review from Lost In Theatreland

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Lost In Theatreland

Alan Turing had an extraordinary life. But much of it was surrounded in secrecy when he was alive. It’s a shame that only now nearly 70 years after his death can he be properly celebrated. And this show does exactly that. 

Alan Turing – A Musical Biography begins with Alan (Joe Bishop) on stage at his desk. Andrea Hodge (Zara Cooke) enters the stage and introduces herself, telling the audience that she has written a biography of Alan’s life. In reality the book was written by Andrew Hodge, but this gender swap is genius.

We’re then taken through Alan’s life from getting his PhD at Princeton University to cracking codes at Bletchley Park during World War II. To the tragic ending of his story which we all know. Both Bishop and Cooke’s vocals are superb throughout and they sound beautiful together. The songs by Joel Goodman, are beautiful, and passionately performed – but are mostly of the slower ballad variety. I would have enjoyed some more upbeat numbers to add more diversity. I did particularly enjoy ‘Need A Machine – Secret Imitations’ which was a contrasting number to the rest. 

Both members of the cast kept my full attention throughout, they are engaging in their storytelling. And Bishop in particular gives a great performance, showcasing Alan’s character.  This show has a lot of potential, and I’m excited to see where it goes from here. I would love to see a full scale production with the addition of backing vocals, dancers and a full band. Alan Turing’s story deserves to be told and his life should be celebrated, there’s no longer a need for any secrets and this production is a beautiful tribute to an extraordinary person. 


Rating: 4 out of 5.

Amy Rye

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