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Abridged version for Edfringe

Alan Turing 1912 - 1954


This musical, composed by Joel Goodman and Jan Osborne, with a new script by Joan Greening is a journey through the extraordinary life of Alan Turing. Alan was a genius whose brilliant code breaking brain saved approximately fourteen million lives in WW2. It takes us on a journey through the loss of his closest friend, his romance with a fellow worker, the moment he realises how to beat the Germans and the growing awareness of his homosexuality. His treatment after the war was truly appalling and this brilliant, funny man was left in despair.


The journey of our production…


Early in 2021 during the final UK lockdown Joel and Jan were working on some songs to express aspects of Alan Turing’s life. These songs went on to form the musical that you will see today. July 2022 the musical had its first performance at a village hall before embarking to the largest theatre festival in the world, Edinburgh Festival Fringe. From there our production was picked up by The King's Head Theatre, as well as several other prestigious theatres. We are so excited to have the opportunity to share our hard work with you today. Quite remarkably this production is heading to the West End in 2024 and will be shown at Wonderville on Haymarket, February 27th - 3rd March 2024. We continue to develop this production to tell Alan’s life story with music, as sensitively and respectfully as we can.


Would you like to be a part of our journey?


The production you see today is brought to you by two music teachers (Joel Goodman and Jan Osborne) who produce their own work. Producing theatre is extremely challenging in so many ways, so if you think you may be able to help us with the continued development of this piece of theatre we would be delighted to hear from you. Perhaps you have a skill that would be helpful with marketing the show to a wider audience or alternatively you may wish to help the show financially to continue its growth and development. Following us on social media and sharing our posts is also a HUGE help in spreading the word about our musical. Please contact to support this production. 

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We hope that you find our production moving, informative and humorous  as well as a powerful reminder of some of the things our country got incredibly wrong in the past.


Joel Goodman - Composer/Producer/Reluctant Understudy


Joel Goodman is delighted to be bringing Alan Turing - A Musical Biography to The Other Palace. This production continues on to Edinburgh Fringe and will go on to be developed further, culminating in a week in the West End February 2024. Joel has proudly taken this production to various venues across the UK and is looking forward to continue that journey into 2024.

Jan Osborne - Musical Director/Assistant Composer


Jan Osborne has worked on several productions with Joel Goodman. In 2019 she made her Edfringe debut as a musical director for the show Early Mornings. She then went on to work on the online musical, Lonely Joe. Jan is delighted to be presenting Alan Turing - A Musical Biography at venues across the UK.

Joan Greening - Playwright


Joan Greening is an award winning playwright. She created ITV situation comedies including ‘The Cabbage Patch’ and ‘Troubles and Strife’. Joan has premiered many new plays at Edinburgh Fringe over the years. Rossetti’s Women and Three Women and Shakespeare’s Will both receiving five star reviews. Her latest play Shakespeare’s Last Act has been added to her list of published plays.


Jane Miles - Director


Jane was awarded a Masters in Theatre Directing with distinction in 2020. Notable productions include an award-winning Class Enemy by Nigel Williams, the first staged production of Monty Python’s The Life of Brian and a critically acclaimed production of Harold Pinter’s The Homecoming.  Jane is delighted to be the director of Alan Turing a Musical Biography for Early Mornings Productions. 


Alan Turing played by Joe Bishop


Joe Bishop trained at Elmhurst School for Dance and later trained at Drama Centre London graduating 2021. Dance Credits - Swan Lake English National Ballet, Let’s dance for Comic relief, The Nutcracker National Ballet of Ireland, Four x Four ROH2 international tour. Recent acting credits Once a year on Blackpool Sands, Truth Serum - En-Fan-Terrible

Autopsy “The last days of” ITV.


Andrea and multiple roles played by Zara Cooke


Zara Cooke trained in Musical Theatre at Reynolds Performing Arts. After graduating Zara spent 5 years performing in production shows across Spain and since returning to London has been involved in various Film and Television projects as-well as participating in immersive theatre shows. Zara is very excited to be a part of the original cast and development of  Alan Turing - A Musical Biography.


This image was created by director, Jane Miles, as part of her planning for this production

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